Congratulations on being connected to your trueself in time of need and fun.

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Happiness is being able to go threw a struggle without an emotional event, negative.

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We can look outside of ourself and see that we block our connection with our spirit self by using negative thoughts, words, and deeds

Love yourself and others always

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Love Yourself Inside


Always take the moment by using your intelligence with intention  to love something about yourself.

Now have a great day every day.

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Swirl of negative energy outside of a lightbeam


A person(light beam) who lives in a physical body with disabilities can unknowingly throw out tarnish thoughts to others in their circle of life.
     Be careful and kind and have a large supply of patience  when using vocal communication  with light beings who are housed in a less than perfect physical body.

The perspective show be that even through the disabled are using tarnished language and and tarnish memories and feelings throughout each day we must be a good student and listen and be humble and learn about your strengths and weaknesses and then grow slowing.

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This picture is a way to connect to your spirit self .  

By mediating with intention to see the wonderful  different shapes helps us to think out of the box l and connect to the spirit world.  Enjoying seeing the shapes you know and hang on for a moment with love and peace in heart.

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Spirit symbols can be out of focus  because the person who is seeing  the spirit symbol is at a lower vibration for that moment or longer or the person who has a spirit symbol on them has trouble seeing with their physical eye or eyes.

Enjoy the day!

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Doors open and close


You have been in a house when a door has been opened and  entered the room that is full of people.  Sometimes you feel apart of the group that is there and other times you can be in a room that is full of people and feel alone or isolated.

We all have a light that reaches out and touches one another  like a light bulb. 

A person can be in a space and share light and enjoyment of one or more entities  by choice by physical being there .  Let say you keep getting into arguments with one person and so you try to avoid that person the best you can but still leaving the door cracked open enough for improvement.  This what we do with our physical mind to avoid stressful people.

However when a person is aware of there spirit self they can in the spirit world disconnect with  a person in the spirit world by choosing to shut the door of light which brings empty space  of lesser light around  the person they with hold there light from in the spirit world.

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Radio Tuning


To tune into other frequency as spirit beings in a flesh body we mediate to align to or more dimensions for a period of time.

A person who sees does  not need science or religion to agree with them because we can get validation through other people who are psychic.

Have a good day.



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Are spirits real or are  spirit beings a myth?     Having faith is to believe in something that is real but having a knowing of something provides no doubt in the equation.

If you woke up and saw a spirit within 4 inches of your face and then having the spirit communicate to you; could you doubt anymore?

This has happened to be several times. 

Love yourself!

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Picture this with tiny and large spheres that are in and around you . Some animal entities are usually on or near each of us as spirit beings.  This is only one possible look each of us have as spirit beings. This is who we really are  (spirit self) if you took away the physical body. 

We like to think we coexist by ourselve in our physical body alone but we coexist with many many entities that are constantly coming and going inside our spirit self.

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