out of body experience

death is something that we will all go through and when it happens  we will be in the ego form(what we look like now when looking in the mirror)when in the spirit world we move by intentions of the heart .we can move with our legs by walking but when we relearn

Out of body experience

Out of body experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ourself we all will learn when traveling in the spirit world the mode everyone uses is you wish to go to a place or person and immediately you are there. when a person dies and never connects to the true self they will relearn how to move and think like a spirit being again without a physical body. there is no sense of time so it’s not a race to relearn quickly.


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2 Responses to out of body experience

  1. twinbeam says:

    Lol you can by mediating and breathing

  2. michi says:

    …I wish I was out of my body right now…lol
    Maybe later!

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