love poem #4

Remember Me, My Love

Remember Me, My Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take my hand down the path of life.  remember when we laughed  and you giggled when we meet for the first time.  can you remember when we sang with music with our hearts.  use my arms to surround your body that surrounds your beating heart of love.  A being of love you are that showers down particles of rainbows of love to those of your circle of influence. I have been in your circle and i have been loved beyond measure. remember to take my love with yours down the path of this life and beyond. you are my angel.

love and gratitude

Johnny I Bye


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1 Response to love poem #4

  1. michi says:

    Looking for thay special man who wanted to see me, show me wonder and of all things kindness and care. That one I felt safe and protected by.

    This world is so hectic that lovers often forget to even look while actually hearing deeply and with empathy and compassion. Then providing a patient shelter during resolving issues.

    Lovers creating their own safe and sacred haven one for and with the other.

    One just for one will never end in any happness together. How sad we all tend to see only our own space without offering hope to another when needed the most.

    But, being aware and always seeking that special opportunity to create someone’s haven will surely win the day.

    But, make certain that becomes a regular two way street…

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