out of body experience

last night i was in a room in the light world and i saw a lot of people outside the door and i desired to go outside and i got to the door that was open   then the door shut and i was blocked from going outside. most of the time when this happens is because early in the day i have a moment where my heart expressed or felt angry long enough to have my vibration get lower so my spiritself will not allow me to stay in the spirit world because i would attract negative entities to me.  when going into the spirit world one us to have a clean heart and have a purpose  then get out  because if one just enters and just wants to  talk  to the first person they see could be a bad experience because people who are bad can look good but inside they are mischievous.


the first thing one must do to have out-of-body experience is to live a life where you have a clean heart towards all people who you meet.

out of body experiences can happen while you sleep or wide awake.


Artist's depiction of the separation stage of ...

Artist’s depiction of the separation stage of an out-of-body experience, which often precedes free movement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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3 Responses to out of body experience

  1. michi says:

    It must be a struggle to have a light heart to all people. Some can be so offensive. Others annoying. More not a kind you can understand…
    How does one look at all people with love and the respect needed to be at peace and harmony at all times?
    I want to have compassion for all people. But this is a great difficulty for me and my family.
    Any advice will be so appreciated.

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