Love poem 5

My love stand by each other  when the storm of misunderstanding is raging in our hearts where sometimes it feels like


1805-courtship-caricature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

under a rock would be a better place. When the storm is here we can over come by standing together and holding each other  tightly and when the sun come out we celebrate our clean conscience towards each other by dancing in the rain.


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3 Responses to Love poem 5

  1. luvlyhart says:

    My dearest of all ever,
    You bring me deepest joy, and deepest felt.
    Where would be my love lost if not for you.
    On bended knee when I need it most, I am humbled by love so fresh.
    My mind wonders and the joy you have brought me.
    You open my hear anew often.
    Stepping upon fresh shores of faith each new sunrise.
    Raising hope from the depths of my soul.
    I love you, I enjoy you, I cherish you.
    My husband brilliance and brightness share.

  2. michi says:

    Rivers run deep…love runs deeper. Forgiveness is magical. All we need is to recall what being human means. Foulability. Culpability. Humility.

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