out of body experience

I was listening to the tremble story of the children who had been murdered by Adam Lanza in  the state of Connecticut.  I was wondering what happen to Adam after he died and the children.  In this world people are saying let God be the judge or Adam should be thrown into the ocean to drown for the gruesome action of what he  had done, and some are saying he is going to hell. I  was pondering what was going on with Adam and I was able to see him in a desolated space  next to the bright light. he was gazing into the white vortex of light trying to understand what was going on with himself. when we go through the veil a person can be stuck looking at something for a longtime because there is no awareness of time. I look in on him a second time and he was moving about five in all directions constantly being in a state of panic. i am sure coming to the understanding what he had just done.

when i went to bed last night i was thinking of the children and i was thinking surely someone or a angle  would take care of them.  last night i was aware of a boat that stopped in front of me with the children and adults .

the information below i got from a website.

English: Peak of Bear Mountain (Connecticut). ...

English: Peak of Bear Mountain (Connecticut). Taken with digital camera in June, 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Carver said that in the seven autopsies he himself had performed, the victims had from 3 to 11 wounds.

With the examinations complete and the families informed, the authorities released the names of those killed.

Among the children, there were 12 girls killed and 8 boys. All of the children were in the first grade, officials said,

16 of the 20 were 6 years old; the rest were 7. One little girl had just turned 7 on Tuesday.

With the release of each name, the grim reality of Friday’s nightmare stung a little deeper.

The youngest child had just turned 6-years-old in November, a little boy named Noah

love and gratitude

Johnny Bye


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One Response to out of body experience

  1. michi says:

    As hideous as this is to all there is karma. In the before life did he agree to be the bad guy in spiritual situ? Was he paying back a pre life event? Did he start a new rain of terror for the future?
    Horrific learning is still that.

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