out of body experience

I really enjoy looking at  people’s auras when I have a minute to sit and relax when going to a movie theater.  I am there to watch the movie but before the movie starts people are coming in walking up the stairs and walking in front of me and finding their seats.  Since i enjoy looking i will glance at almost every person that comes in to look at their aura. Sometimes i find unexpected things  attached to people.  I saw  something on the back of  a young man (25-year-old) and it looked like he had to backs and extra hands and an extra neck. but as I looked I saw more of what was on his back. it was a spirit person piggybacking .  we have all had chances to have a child on our backs to give them a ride. remember the times when your child said please give me a piggy back and so they get on your back and wrap their legs around you.  this is what

English: Embassy Movie Theater, Lewistown, PA

English: Embassy Movie Theater, Lewistown, PA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw on the young man.




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