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Nederlands: vingers/hand Categorie:Wikipedia:A...

Nederlands: vingers/hand Categorie:Wikipedia:Afbeeldingen/Gebruiker:Michiel1972 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is a personal video of how you know if you are becoming more aware of auras. one can do the exerises but how does one know if they are progressing.(its not a race; just do it everyday)

some signs of know if you rare progressing

1. your finger or hand will get hot.

2. when doing  the exercise with your index finger and you are starting to see colors see if you can see it on the edge of your finger or hand or both.

3. when starting to see auras the colors you will continue to see first will be a clear white transparent aura energy then purple or violet and maybe green or pink. it more likely that women will see pink first than a man. and it more likely that a man will see a blue green combination

4. after seeing aura energy you’re the first 10 time or less you may have thoughts is this a mind trick or just my  mind going rouge with imagining. so you must find other ways to verified with you saw.   start to see it on other people  hands or face . or take a leave and look at the edge. always verify that its real.

5. when doing the exercise or just seeing your aura or someone else auras and spend a lot of time doing it your will become very tired.

6.( mediation )  when breathing  start out by sitting or laying down on your bed or floor and close your eyes  for about 2 minutes to 3 minute and think of nothing ; find a space and clear all thoughts from your mind.  (positive energy then breath in and count 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and hold for five seconds then breath out 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5(negative energy) . because i can see auras and universal energy  i see what is happening when  mediating. when a person is breathing in using the technique mentioned above  it starts to create a vortex( this is how we  can go through the veil) in front of the face. and the longer a person does this more and more energy is being draw to themselves.



Finger binary

Finger binary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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