autism with a feather

University of Utah-Special Education

University of Utah-Special Education (Photo credit: US Department of Education)


A child is born to a loving parents with clean positive energy from God.  The mother spends hours feeding ,cleaning.loving her new-born child. years go by and he is entering elementary school and the teacher as  explains that your child has autism. Ten years go by and you see the pattern of behaviors from your child that keep repeating again and again.  If the child has friends it only long enough for the child to know that the friend now want nothing to do with him. another pattern is when you child is given sleep meds he may still sleep only four or five hours then he up in the middle of the night . another pattern is the child is so far behind his peers that he is put in special education school. another pattern is  when  the child is put the special education school he is also give an army of specialist that if a normal child had would make them all genius.  The patterns are a bottomless pit.  another pattern now is almost everyone he meets  has given him enough hateful looks that the child recognize then people do not like him. what do we  do now? we love the child, give him positive feed back when possible,endure many classes of how many can we help the child.   my suggest is one that most of you have not concerned and it is cleansing you child from negative energy  because by now he will have a lot of things attached to him that are feeding on all the negative energy  the child has gotten over the many years. because i see auras i know that it will help  the child. after doing so my child acts better and feel cleaner  and has no negative entities on  the child.Remember we are taught that we are a physical being  and also a spirit being and we all know that a school system does not work on the unseen world because they can not see. I do this with feather.   for the parents who can see auras just try this as an experiment . The child will still act up but its another way of help your child .you have nothing to lose.



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One Response to autism with a feather

  1. michi says:

    God and all positive entities bless you always. Thsnk you for bringing kindness and peacr and hope.

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