mothers gift to her child

what does a woman learn that is unaware when having a newborn child?


when a woman carry a child for nine months in the womb she learns the vibration of patience for the child.

when a woman eats food she is eating for her body and for her child’s body and she learns she will give nutriment to her child first before her self. the vibration of selflessness

when a woman feels the baby in her womb she learn the vibration of life and for protection of innocent of a child.

when a baby is in the womb woman learn to be co creators with God. Creation is a very highest vibration we can achieve.

After the birth of a child she gives the vibration of unconditional love to her child because her body comes close to death.



English: Mother and child.

English: Mother and child. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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2 Responses to mothers gift to her child

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  2. michi says:

    And it is assumed that men can wage war against all interlopers as they were given love unconditionally, it was never a natural cycle to return it.

    Only those with connections that run deep into the Great Mother Earth who knowingly see the value of this nurturing love will can ever ascend beyond this world with success.

    Great men create that vibration and do not hope for it. It starts with the ones they call family. If they can create this magic there first, there’s will be great.

    On Earth as it is in heaven.

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