out of body experience

last couple of weeks when i have been going into the spirit world(light world). everything is a bright white with hallways and doors and people interacting with each other in a friendly way. several times during the last week i have seen a man with a purple coat going through doors from afar sometimes and other times he is standing at a door looking at me. the door entrance is whiter than the white everywhere else. I went over to him and just before i got there  i saw his face and clothes close up. he had a purple robe with a fancy collar and a purple shirt with purple skin and pants and boots. because he  was not even close to being handsome most people would look down when passing by  him. i saw him last night looking over me while i slept peacefully. The more i became a where of him he started to walk backwards into a door that was whiter than then the with i saw around.



Out of body experience

Out of body experience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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