out of body experience (when people want to have these experiences do it safely; here is how)

English: An artist's impression of a portal or...

English: An artist’s impression of a portal or door to the spirit world. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



when a person mediates properly they bring energy to themself  they can make the trip to the other side of the veil.  The first couple of times or maybe just the first time over there it will be scary because you will be aware that you are sleeping in your bed but you are floating over your head or in a beautiful place. you can do this also awake by mediating sitting in a quiet area and know that you are sitting in your bedroom but you are somewhere else.

There are safe guards that we have  when going into the spirit world.

1.if you do not like the experience or what you see you can wake up or just say stop in your mind.

anytime we use our physical brain we will be sucked into our physical body.  example if you are experiencing  seeing a beautiful flower and you say wow it so beautiful not with word but in your heart it will suck you back into your body. when experiencing something you want to continue try not to think anything but be a oberserver of the event with no emotion or thought.  because if you do you will be brought back into your physical body.  if you see a lot of energy or you are spinning out of control like in a circle all you have to say is stop and you will stop and see one view. but if you say stop again you will be pulled back into your physical body.  If the experience of being of being in your room but you know you are in the spirit world is so scary then you  need a spirit guide or master to help you when you are there. before you go over there again your intention should be i am open to having a high vibration spirit guide with me to teach me when i am in the spirit world.  your spirit guide or guides are here with you always but you must ask them and be open to having them there. they are already here in this world with you. you can be open to that as well.

never go over there just because you want to experience  the spirit world. you must have a purpose. like see something or someone or you are open to gaining knowledge. most people alway use spirit guides with them when they are there and they teach them lessens.

Never open a portal to the spirit world just to see if you can because you might just success and you could bring negative entities here to earth plane or come back with them attached to yourself.   always go over with protection of yourself by using spirit guides or masters. you can protection yourself by picturing yourself  with a fortress around you protecting you at all times easy and effortly.  if you have more questions i have not answers here please let me know i am here to help. Remember never to reveal your spirit name to anyone.(some people find this out when going to the other side). if some one knows your name they can call for you and you must obey. and if you meet someone ask them three times what their name.


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