can a blind person see

English: Person conducting a bus in Munich.

English: Person conducting a bus in Munich. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When using public transportation we can see good people doing good things to each other and not so good sometimes. It was a sunny day in the summer and a woman get on the bus with sun glasses and said to the driver I want off at parkland hospital please, and the driver said okay this is the bus and she sits down behind the driver. we have gone about one mile seeing people get on and off the bus.  we are just pulling up to parkland and a lot of people are getting on and off the bus and during this moment the woman behind the driver asked the driver are we are parkland yet and he said ,”are you blind  yes we are here”  the woman says nothing to the driver and as she gets off the bus and she pulls out here blind cane and unfolds it  and she walks off the bus using her cane like nothing happen.

When you look at a beautiful floor or a rose or a person in your life have you see spirit energy  or aura that is around people or things. If the answer is no I would ask you are you blind even through your eyes are seeing a portion of Gods creation. when a person sees an aura around something or someone its other way of seeing God in the universe and knowing that we are all spirits and are connected to everyone and everything known and yet to be revealed.







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