when a person looks at a tree from a distance and we will say the tree is ten feet away and my question to you is what do you see from yourself to the tree?  Most people would say nothing or the wind or air but after I became aware of my aura energy I just start looking farther away from my body which meant I was looking between two objects  at a fix spot where nothing to see with the natural eye  but I became aware that there was energy as far as I could see everywhere. I could be in my apartment where there was a roof for protection from the element but energy was there at every space I could see and that was a moment of wow for me. I starting looking into the sky and found energy everywhere and even the very things we see are full of energy and are made of energy. People call this universal energy. After discovery that the world is made of energy  in every way that one can thing of I started thinking of seeing spirits because I knew spirits were energy. At first all I saw was energy only but that soon changed.

The method I use to see spirits is easy; Every chance I got I started to look into the mirror while I was in my car when I had a moment to myself. I pick a focus point where only energy was and I looked with the intention of seeing a spirit . After about three months I started to see faces and then faces and bodies and then saw spirits walking around looking and observing people. There was some spirits which looked like they had no clue that they were died, because they waited in line behind people that were doing a business transaction or buying food.  One lady

English: A scenic photo taken near Madison, Wi...

English: A scenic photo taken near Madison, Wisconsin of a red pine (Pinus resinosa). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

appeared and sit down about five feet from me then her dog appears and sat next to her on the floor.


love and gratitude



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  1. michi says:

    What kind of energy does it take to create?

    What sound will it make in the ether?

    What is the white snow looking energy?

    Are you a master incarnate but for what purpose?

    Do you believe in making others suffer to grow? Or do you sidestep sufferage to others?

    Does love overcome all?

    • twinbeam says:

      when i was looking at space which is looking in-between two fixed objects that are close to me physically i started to see what looked like snow falling but after doing it again and again i learn it was universal energy i was looking at the time.

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