love poem 10.5

Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my love you extend your arms in the direction of the children.  with ready hands and minds they eagerly respond to your positive symbol  by running and embracing your physical body which is a cup of love ready to give to our children. I am always pleased beyond measure when scences of love run in my heart and mind  are the for front of my soul.


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2 Responses to love poem 10.5

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  2. michi says:

    Your ideals of love are so beautiful. Do you often encourage these things in your world?

    Are you aware that those who are afraid of undesirablebehaviors are slow to welcome lve? They want periods of consistent love… then if surprise attacked they ball up like a pill bug… even more reluctant to accept love the next time…

    How does one fix this cycle with their children… with their spouse…then not anger again at the drop of a feather?

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