Watch “The Known Universe by AMNH” on YouTube


When people have so many distractions to choose from in this life because their lives are full of school,work,family,sickness of oneself and others and pursuit of happiness of one kind or the other when do we think of the universe or space?  things to think about list at a glance.


1.  We are physically born into a family as a newborn.                                                                         one dot

2. We discover that there is life and family outside of our family                                                      circle

and everyone  has faces and bodies and we observer each other

3. We learn that their is one sun that holds our others planets in their place                             one dot

4. We learn that our planet is just one in our solar system                                                                   circle

5. We live in one  galaxies                                                                                                                                  one dot

6.We learn  we are part of millions of   galaxies                                                                                          circle(whole)

7.We learn that there is a theory  of the big bang(beginning of everything from                            one dot

one ball of energy)

8. We learn that the know universe exploded out in all directions like a circle                              circle


Its interesting that for someone like myself who sees auras and spirits and orbs.  When i see  a persons aura I see orbs. Orbs at a glance  looks like a dot with a perfect circle of energy  that surrounds the entity.  The orb usually is around the shoulders of everyone or in back somewhere of the body.


love and __gratitude





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2 Responses to Watch “The Known Universe by AMNH” on YouTube

  1. michi says:

    I think its great that you post your experiences.

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