Watch “Heaven is For Real ~ Colton Burpo’s “A Glimpse of Heaven”” on YouTube

Heaven is for real is a book that the family of colton publish to tell the world of their son near death experience. I would say that in my life  my hobbies have been reading about near death experiences and reading the scriptures . I have personally read hundreds on accounts listen to untold number from different religious and non religious backgrounds. Each time a person recounts their experience its most based on what they have been taught as a child or doctrine of thought that the religion teaches.

In coltons account he explains he met Jesus and his grandfather and a sister he never knew he had because his mother never talked about it for the reason of the baby dead in her womb.  Because i can see spirit symbols on people i learn of these things by looking. Mostly when i find out things like this when i pass by a person on the street i just ponder them and the symbols because most people would not be open to what i know. Little newborn babies are for me amazing to see their spirit symbols because most people think they are new and know nothing but they are very much aware of their surrounding and people and things in their room.

Jesus and other beings knew colton was scared of what was going on with him so they gave him things to give him balance and be at peace with himself.

side bar note a muslim most of the time when having a near death experience would not be seeing Jesus because that is not what is being taught in their faith .



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