Beautiful heart and gap of unconditional love

Toddler Ballet Classes 048

Toddler Ballet Classes 048 (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)


The walk of life as we look at  ourself in the mirror from time to time moment to moment.  The some memories of the past become faint as we walk down the moments of unconditional love . The moment we oversee and aware enough to know that we mirror what we learn of giving to another when we took our first steps as  a toddler. The swagger and falling attempts to balance and have faith  with the hands that hold our hand as the first step is done. The moment of success in an innocent heart is joy and glee to the toddler and for the one watching close and in the distance.  After time the hand is there for the toddler but the faith to only need the finger tip  is present for the now and with glee and joy the toddler make the first step with only a finger tip. The toddler is aware and has memories of good efforts and success and is empowered self-confidence. The moment has come for the toddler to walk his first step without any help from those the toddler mirrored from the time of the  womb.  the out of balance turns into balance and faint memory of the hand are there to help with success and the finger tip is there for confidence and the first step is for joy of a beautiful for the toddler and for the giver of love and knowledge.



I was looking at the spirit symbols of a flower that was in a picture. I saw in the stem the reflecttion on another stem from a flower near by and on the pedal an event of grown ups talking with each other.The flower was aware of this event. and a dog near by.


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