Spirit Symbols Relationship

English: High detail closeup of a cockroach.

English: High detail closeup of a cockroach. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other day I had a woman come to me and ask me what Spirit symbols were on her boyfriend. Sally gave me a picture of a man about 29 years old who was a Sergeant in the United States Army. After looking at the picture I saw the following. On his left arm was a face and on top of the face was a cockroach. meaning is the Sgt. has been fretting over one person in his life for a long time because the cockroach was half the size of his arm and the face was small. Reponse from sally was I found out that he was married and was cheating  on his wife with Sally. I went over to the other arm and saw pure white energy that ran all the way up his arm and while seeing this i was compelled to look off his body and saw a dead cat and people around a fire .  Meaning is the Sgt  spiritual process has stopped and his getting help from his guardian ,friends and spiritual helpers on  the spirit side who the Sgt is not aware of at this time in his life. response from Sally was his mom and Dad are both dead and the Sgt has been talking about going to church for the last two weeks. I went to his face and saw a man on his forehead that had white energy coming out of his mouth and the energy went up to the top of his head where a lizard was at with a smaller lizard in its mouth. meaning is the Sgt speaks  with goodness when speaking most of the time but can be cold blooded  when the situation call for it. The method he will use to be cold blood is he will think about what the situation call for and then will response with running or adapting  or hiding and will be very cold when it happens to other person. and the small lizard in the mouth of the bigger lizard means that he used another method of being cold blooded but the Sgt kill that method and is now using his mind to act when call to do so in his life.

Any names I use are false to protect the people involed.

Love and gratitude



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