Spirit Symbols on a Woman

Dragonfly - Dorsal view of thorax

Dragonfly – Dorsal view of thorax (Photo credit: mcamcamca)

There is nothing like validation to make sure one is not deluding themselves with with they are doing in life. the picture i am doing is the one where you are standing in the kitchen by yourself. The names are changed to protect those i am telling about here.

Sally- on your chest you have 3 or four people hanging on to your heart with attached lines or strings
below your heart is a dog that is big that is eating one person or pulling it off the line or sting.

Sally is trying to let go of someone she knows that is close to her and she is doing this for protecting herself.

on your upper chest near your neck is a woman that is turned away from the front ( I see the back of her) and is holding someone or thing that you do not want the rest to see. it is something small.

you are the first person that i can see your spirit symbol under your shirt. you have a symbol of a cat that covers your stomach and goes up to your rim cage. and the cat is looking up ( a cat is a helper to a shaman) so i looked up and on your left size of your head and above your shoulder and behind you . it is non human and its attached to you stealing your spirit energy . it is ugly and distorted and has eyes and a mouth that is inhaling your energy. its about one foot long and on top of its head are about 7 other small entities that are on top of each others head and all are sucking your energy. With out the wings that is some what like it looked.

sally has felt depressed for a long time and that attracts negative beings that feed on a person and if they are depressed long enough it will be able to attach its self to someone.

clean yourself with______sea-salt and love yourself daily .
cleanse yourself while in the tub._



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