Spirit Symbols on people hair

Roger's Hair Loss 1

Roger’s Hair Loss 1 (Photo credit: roger_mommaerts)

The last couple of days the focus has been to look at people’s hair and see what symbols are available to see and ponder. The discovery is humbling and feels my heart with empathy because the journey brought me to know that Spirit symbols on hair has to do with  the struggles of self-image. No one post a sign on their head  to tell the world of how some one is going through  day by day suffrage of  improving of one self-image. I was looking for the biggest symbols(size) because that is where the pain is or thinking  that one is more important than others.  On a 45 year old person I saw a picture of a dog , meaning is the person thinks they look like a dog. another person I saw a circle of of spirit crazy energy(unbalanced)  that was in front  of a face that one could not barely see with an eye. Some people do not want to look in a mirror because they do not like what they see. A young man today I stopped him on the street and ask him to be a validation test for me, I looked at his hair and saw two faces that were scary  and distorted and the one on top was a clean man with a bear and mustache and hair that was out of control but friendly . I told him the meaning was that he could be out of control when dealing with people and he was aware of it. The face he put forward to the public most of the time was I may be out of control at times but I am shaping up with  kindness. (he agreed)  I saw a woman that was a professional nurse that had a picture of a face that was real define but had a big nose and eyes glasses, she also had a spirit symbol of a woman waving her hands.  meaning is she thought she was cool and hot and she wanted to be notice because she had a extra big nose  and was waving her hands.. Everyday we run around do the business of life. wash our bodies, watch over children,brush our teeth, meet friend etc. We spend little time on loving ourself with self talk that is positive. While brushing our hair we could say i  love my hair with every motion we make to brush our hair for an example.

Side bar- look at the right side of the head of the picture and see if you can see a monky like creature with a wolf head in its lap. and there are people sitting on a bench  on the left side of the head




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