focusing using the split prism

focusing using the split prism (Photo credit: mararie)


Yesterday the day started off with me thinking of seeing symbols in light. When the sun is coming up and lighting the day with its rays i was considering seeing symbols in light but the task is how does one have a focus point of light when it surround you. I thought of finding a picture with a cave that had sun rays coming down into the cave .  I started searching  blogs and found one.  There is a beam of light in the middle of the picture and i focus on it. There was a being that looked human standing staring to the right and as i looked the being head turned and looked at me then went back in the same position. As I looked(my eyes are opened when I do the seeing) more of his shine I will call it radiates with pulses of streams of varying light shine. The shine of light goes out and enlighten the rocks in the cave with energy(spirit energy or combination of universal energy and spirit energy. i am going to spend more time looking and seeing more of how light it self works. so far light is self aware and ware of other beings and helps give energy. I am intrigue with finding out more. The man (60 years old) that i Saw  was all white , everything was whiteish looking. the clothes,face,skin,robe, eyes, beard, hair, etc. but it was just a symbol.

the meaning of the symbol- light has been around for a long time and is wise to keep the symbol simple.


Love and gratitude




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