Cat – spirit symbols


There are seven billion people on this planet and most are able to see all kinds of birds and fish and creepy crawlers, and machines and vehicles of all kinds and weather of all kinds etc. Then we have people who can see the physical world and the spirit world by seeing auras and spirits or have near death experiences which is a smaller number who can say they have experience it. And then even further are people who can be in both worlds it seems at will which is even a smaller number. And still there is another layer where people can see and feel consciousness through symbols on all things. There are two ways a person learns about all things and one is using intellect to understand it by means of a course or laboratory and the second which is a higher way of knowledge is a knowly of how things are made and come together as one whole which cannot be taught but it comes to those who after study are enlighten from time to time.

CAT SPIRIT SYMBOLS- The only reason  i started out this way  with different layers of knowly is a cat is vastly different from all things I have seen symbols on.   when i started to looked for symbols instead i found on my  niece cat Makayla not symbols right away but spirit being on her cat. In this picture there is a spirit being sitting on the back of the cat just riding with the cat. its not hurting the cat in anyway by attaching it self and taking the energy of the cat.  Ther bing has white or blonde hair with gold like shirt with a green colar, and the beings skin is sort of like brownish,tanish ,white. there is alot of spirit energy around her cat.

She send me more than one picture and ask her if the pictures were taken at different times because on a other picture is a  differnt creature on on her cat but again its not hurting the cat.  This creature is a deep purple with a face of like a dog with a body of an amoeba and a tail like a monkey.

The symbols on her cat are of cats and people ,fairly like beings, and distorted faces .

cat commun with other entitites are are willing to help all people any way they can and are helpers to those who are aware to see more or something that may be trying to hide. The will help but will not interfere.  All i can is they are unique helpers in odd ways to see more.





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