When a person see a ghost that is unaware they become excited because its not in the normal day to day experience of life.  even through spirits are around us all the time.  If the unaware suddenly could see everything they would be an out of control experience so the world has set up reality for the masses to ensure the cemented beliefs of culture, governments,religion stay the same and move very slowly to a new belief system of true reality.

A dog is a lot like a person they want to have fun and play around  and are loyal to the people that are kind to them . when they see bad spirits passing through or stopping near they will alert there masters(people). Dogs see spirits more than their owners because they are not consumed with themself  like people are most of the time.


A cat  can lays around wander here and there meowing and asking for food and water and deciding to let you pet them and when they had enough they will leave you and demand almost you leave them alone. They will fight with each other and play and let you think you have a pet and you are in charge you will think within yourself  that you are the master..   From my own experiences in my long pass i would not give a cat a second look  because they would eat my pigeons that I was rising in my back yard.  But now i have new awareness that have taught me that  a cats special skills are in the spirit world.  Cats  only help those that are aware to see spirit  world. If one has a cat and that person is not aware or is unable to see the spirit world the cat will only be a cat  which is what the world see them .  A cat special skill is to let a person do 98 percent of seeing into the spirit world then they will bump you like just showing up and looking in a direction and still after they look in a direction the person still has to be aware enough to look and see what else is there to see .  Its interesting that as far back as mans history  goes cats have been around humans. Egyptian  saw the cat as sacred and like unto a God. I am not saying we should worship a cat but they have special knowledge for those that are aware of the spirit world and beyond. They have spirit symbols just like everyone or any thing  but they choose to let you see their symbols . I have looked at the pyramids around the world and cats or the cat family is always present.(I find this interesting)


example– I have many nieces and one send me a picture of her cat and i saw symbols on the cat but there was odd energy off in the distance so i looked and i saw a beautiful little spirit creature that was communicating with the cat. in the picture the cat was just lying down. The creature looks like a hamsterish with long big ears than are just longer than the body and this is how is hides from people and others. when the ears are in front on the body it looks like a rock but when the ears are away it’s so cute. Many times i see creatures that have no equivalent of an animal that exist here  on earth so i will say it looks like a lot sorry.




Love and gratitude



Cat Hebe

Cat Hebe (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


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