Watch “Ghost Whisperer – Ghost Whisperer vs. Real Life” on YouTube

Mary Ann Winkowski is  the  real person the  television show is based on(ghost whisper).  enjoy.

When it comes to seeing spirit people that are among us i  would say its sort of boring really because there is no time in the spirit world . when there is no little understanding of time there is no hurry to do anything.  spirit people are usually just staring at someone.  yesterday a woman about forty years old was sitting reading a newspaper and a spirit man that looked a lot like her was in front of her watching nothing more.  Then another one that i saw was a man about twenty seven looking at the park  and a spirit woman was in back of him trying to talk to him but he was aware of her there.   I was watching  ghost come in a room and out  which was interesting because we see walls and our physical body is not able to go through but spirits come in out out of walls and it looks like there attach a hallway from the spirit world to the physical plan and just wall up and down the hallway that leads to both worlds. I watch a man look at me and just turn around and walk through the extension of the wall in the spirit world.  that same man stopped to talk to some people then went all the way into the spirit world. I saw a sixty some old grand mother in a room and she was getting out of bed and stretching and got up and disappeared.

How many people would seek out some one that is bad to gang out with in life? I am sure the answer  is zero and so why would we seek out negative spirits in the spirit world so we can have moments of being frighten; for tv shows it money and rating.

Love and gratitude



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