spirit symbols -relationship

I will start with the stomach and what i see is an out color of white. not white nor black, and it clovers his whole stomach like a clover. meaning he hides what he is feeling and he slowing let’s go of negative feeling but he does in time. his heart or chest area has suffering of when he was a child(.Sadness) he remembers the moments from time to time. on his head on the right side is an area to watch out for because its brown in  color now. he is arguing with someone and he does not like it. he has a picture on his forehead that is big and right in the center. a picture of face that is frowning. he thinks he is unhappy. things can change with positive energy and make sure its constant. we all have suffering in out background and some stay with a life time . It is up to us to remove as much suffering from an experience as possible through forgiveness of ourselves and others.


I was given a picture of a man for a woman .


I hope everyone one understands that we are all connect to each other and by helping others we are improving ourself.

love and gratitude




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