Spirit Symbols-Woman

I was asked to look at a woman again to see what i could see and the is the symbols and experience.

She had  been working on her self  because the lizard on her left side is going away. Her hair has two symbols. One is an old person with a unique white beard that is long. Meaning is she has thought for a long period of time that she is getting old. Another face is sort of scary looking(has eyes ,mouth and nose and define face). Meaning she feels on the bad side about herself ,not that she is evil but she knows she can be scary at moments. She is aware of her short coming. She has to do a better job about having negative energy around her life. Something in her surroundings or in her behavior   is bringing evil dark entity near her. This is her number one concern that she should have in her thoughts. She has to cleaned herself and the place she lives often u until they are gone.  When i was looking at her photo i decided to look off behind her to see what kind of spirits where around her and I saw a very dark scary humanoid maybe demon. And the weird thing is when i was looking i notice he was looking behind the woman but because i saw him he looked straight at me. I have now seen a light being in a picture that took notice of me looking and a negative being taking notice of me looking at them in a photo.(strange). some how they can be aware of me looking at them even through its just a picture.

Everyone has spirits around them  and its up to the person what kind you want to have around yourself. good or bad.

Love and gratitude


evil bug

evil bug (Photo credit: acidpix)


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