Watch “Real footage of Developing Baby/Embryo/Fetus” on YouTube

This is the observation of my vision of seeing what a baby knows while in the womb. When the video starts there is white tissue that is  forming the baby body.  There is arms holding and a face that is smiling.  Meaning is the vibration of consciousness holding and loving the growth  of the tissue that is forming the newborn baby  just after three weeks. This is the cradle of live for a spirit being to have a more dense body through a physical body.  the video has a feel number and at number #26 in the back ground is an out of focus white tissue.  The observation of the vision is there are many other spirit beings helping  with high positive spirit energy gathering together to create .  video feet marker #36 there are tiny faint being working vigorous on the long  piece in the center of the picture. #video feed 47 to the right of the baby head is darker or brown color area  when the observation of a vision is being who are more physical than just spirit are watching over the newborn in the womb(progress). video feed #131 to the left is the head which is the biggest part of the picture. the observation of the vision at the focus point is there are tiny humanoid works working inside to finish the head to completion. Video feel number 2:24- the observation of the vision is of the eye and what was seen is a person pulling in tissue for the purpose of finish the eye. video feet number 3:17 is a face and a nose and a eyes  and right below the eyes is a picture of the face of the baby. meaning the newborn is aware of its self and knows he has a face.( the baby is becoming self-aware of its physical body.) video feed number 4:00 there is a red area and the observation of vision was out side of the ready especially on top of the area was numbers numbers of helpers almost like an army is on the moment with a purpose  in the direction of the red area.  inside the red area was people working with haste with out concerns for oneself to accomplish a task. video feed #4:49 is a picture of  a top of a hand and the observation of the vision is – a child looking up to an adult listening and nodding the head. meaning is the hand is getting instructions and other one is two people are looking at each other face to face. meaning the hand is aware of communication within the hand.


symbols  on our bodys are put there by ourselve by everything we do  or say or think.  its a vibration or our record book of life for the body and creator.


love and gratitude






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