spirit symbols/vision weather

There is a head that is facing east  that is darken by Oregon, Washington State . Its more than half way thru. Meaning the weather is going

English: Cloud in nepali sky

English: Cloud in nepali sky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

to be not good.

I am looking at a app on my phone called (solarisalpha) to see the symbols/visions of the clouds. i do not know how accurate it is but i am going to see how it works out.  from this app i can the whole earth from the point of looking down and the major clouds.  I have been looking at the clouds from a satellite view point and so far i can say weather is like looking a slice of piece. it can change within hours. i am seeking away right now to get better results. its interesting to see that even clouds have vibration and intelligence but for now only but vibrations are what i am focusing on.   one thing  i can say now is the clouds that move out from the new your area and leave and go into the ocean can move up north and move up above Canada . the area above Canada this is a place where clouds gather there strength

i will be study more to see how to be very accurte even through weather can can change.



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