love poem 10.95

To kiss my love take two feet that meet at within our circle of our hands that touch your arms with communication of love and smile to

English: Plum Blossoms, scroll, color on paper...

English: Plum Blossoms, scroll, color on paper, total scroll length 10.95 m., height 29 cm. 0ne of 24 total. Located at the Xiling Society of Seal Arts 中文: 梅花圖 – 卷 – 紙本設色 全卷纵29厘米 横10.95米. 共二十四幅. 中国西泠印社 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

our bodies. The touch of love brings positive energy that starts to ignites  feeling of passion that heals our pain of loneliness as we continue to touch with our arms and hands .  When we hug it delivery love that carries with it forgiveness and unconditional love that is carried in our whole body that heals the moment of the pain of the past. The kiss my beloved , when you connect to me with your love of your lips the moment of pause of  no time is present before us as the spark grow brighter and brighter in bed.

weather report spirit symbols for today at 12:35 the area that my observation of vision is off the east coast near new york and peninsula. just off the coast there is cold that is being trapped  by the storm that just left there.

love and gratitude



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