New awareness -spirits

When someone starts out by mediating everyday on one focus point it needs to be specific because if one wants to see


Focus (Photo credit: Unhindered by Talent)

spirits just say I see ——- easy and effortlessly .  Then once you have done this move on to different intentions if you want more experiences of different kind.

Do not focus on the same spirit because if you do it can follow you and if given enough energy can touch you. if your focus point is in a picture  then focus on something in the background . spirits like to hide in walls and carpet and dark areas. remember do not look at the same one again and again because it can be a problem.

By doing the same thing a person creates a vibration of seeing or doing something and it becomes more easy the next time etc. If you want to stay and be a ghost whiper then just look for spirits only for a longtime and then spirits will come to you and will have you help them over to the other side. and keep you up at night (lol). have fun!
Side note – the pope resigned today Benedict  someone one suggested that he may be happy about resigning and his self-image could me he wants  you remember his back (resigning). He may have trouble or sickness with his mouth which means heart problems possible


weather at 12:54 am on Feb. 11,2013  the cold is leaving the new york area but its looks like in one or days there maybe a major cold front coming in from the washington state area.


Love and gratitidue




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