Watch “‪Hollow Earth filmed from Space?” on YouTube

 The spirit symbols of this video is a observation and vision of being and vibrations of what the beam of light is doing at the moment.  Vibrations are thoughts and feelings and speech or noise of someone or something as it moves and thinks and speaks from moment to moment.  Vibrations attract  or repel beings to the a vibration.


The vision starts out with a beam of light going down on the earth.  At the bottom of the beam of light is a being that is grey in color looking out facing the camera direction.  The being has longer than normal arms for his body. the head has a mouth aand eyes. he is bend over like a hump back person.

The red spot (left side) is a spirit symbol of a dog that is lying down on its back looking up. meaning is the red sport is loyal to the white energy and is waiting and looking and the red spot on the right is a picture on a dog with a human body that is sitting on a coach looking up.  meaning is the red energy is loyal to the white energy and is waiting for the human force to move.


video feed ninteen  there is a solid white light and in the mist or being that are gathered together in a circle( about 100) .


On the ouside of the event are being watching  and most are humans with some alien looking beings. some of the being have a black stripe that goes around there head with some black oval device in front of there face that covers there eyes and nose and cheeks.  another one is a eneitity that has ears like a hound dog  and small face

love and gratitude




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