Watch “State of the Union 2013: President Obama’s Complete Speech, With Annotated Analysis” on YouTube

SPIRIT SYMBOLS- state of the union address  on February 12,2013 President Obama gave the address with the vice president Biden to his left and  speaker of the house John boehner to the right. How would it feel and be President Obama  during his speak at the white house.   our first character is Barrack Hussenin Obama 11 (Barry Soetoro-alias) in  our Walt Disney version what was  President  Obama thinking when he started the speak ; he was thinking that good people with hight intention are his servants(beneath) that he stands behinds and he has nothing to hide to the people. when he speaks he is determined and serious and if he has to  he will push you away or bull doze you down with his words. (side bar look at the with areas to the left  and right of Biden and look at the white areas and to John left and right shoulder  by the light and you will see spirits for those that can its a person face but has cat ears)  at video feed 18;23 President Obama   is using cunning and wisdom and his character will be someone that what he sees with his own eyes he will use his mouth to be shrewd and cunning but can be restless and nervous which can get him in trouble with himself. He can defend himself aggressively when needed.  This is a skill that hollywood wanted in this awareness.




weather report – there is a big storm that has been building and ganging around for a long  time that is about to hit california.

Love and gratitude



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