Conquest of past negative vibrations


             The issue in my family life as i was growing  up  was an abusive arrangement where she used words and physical force to

Illustration of vibrations of a drum.

Illustration of vibrations of a drum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

demand control of me and my bothers and sisters. I have worked on getting rid of vibrations of what i see that annoyance me and i turn it around into positive energy of love for myself and the other people. apparently i needed extra experience of this because my wife Michelle has a children that has autism. It looks like when i was going though abuse  i was not aware  how to heal my self enough  so this why i find myself with this vibration in my life again while going through it and after wards. but now  everyday Anthony is surcharged on being a teacher to me by doing things i see that annoy me and it up to my body and spirit to turn it into love for myself and Anthony.  I am on my path to heal my physical body and spirit vibration of my past and present.   you are right i heal everything i don’t not like  by touch and i am becoming aware of this more and more each day. you told me i was creating a play ground and i have discovered what it is and it is my blog. i am healing myself and others in my circle of life. I heal what i do not like  and i do not like that people are sleeping (consciousness)  which means they do not know their true self.  I have worked 18 hours a day for the last couple of days so i think that is why you saw spinning around me and a headache.  today i cleansed myself and created love symbols on my body to help me with my flesh.    i notice you are aware of when someone is viewing you and you create protections around yourself. i was looking at you a few days ago and while i was doing this one of your cats looked at me and i saw reflection of light  of my presence in your cats eyes of myself. cats are your watchful protectors to beings that are  aware ..  thank you for sharing your insight it has been very helpful to me.  how do people who are aware   communicate  ?  spirit to spirit, seeing auras that will allow one to understand better everyone and everything . when someone gives you counseling  one hears with their ears and then they react but some people when they receive words of advise wonder if this is correct and is it correct for me. when a person is aware they hear with their ears and see the spirit symbols and visions to enhance the truth, so vibrations can continue on a better and better path of sight and wisdom.  I am always looking for ways to validate my experiences and i went to a psychic show and i had a woman look at me  the same way i  do while looking a someone.and i said nothing to her but she was hundred percent accurate. where does one go to validate spirit symbols and visions and and seeing spirit entities and giving and receiving messages spirit to spirit like  esp;  I  found three sources which are myself and my wife and the psychic.

I love seeing and being part of spirit knowledge(consciousness)


weather- about the only thing i see is there is a big  big storm  that is not good in europe that is covering most of that area

love and gratitude



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