Spirit symbols of lightening/ vatican

Pope Benedict XVI  resigned this week and my wife sent me a news article about  lightning striking the vatican.   the observation of the vision was lightning coming down and looks like it hits the vatican.  Lightening are being that connect to each other by holding on to each others feet or waist or hand or touching of any part of other light being.  most of the beings have a separate distinct body  that is cloth with clothing of white. some are woman and some are men and there facing are neither happy or sad; emotion is not part of the equation for them in this moment.

Light being were coming down hitting the top of the vatican but when it hit it look like the being were pulling out something from the building. after looking at it again and again  with clarity  the vision was of a light being that was more dense  came up the lightning and as he was coming up he lost the dense and became like the rest of them in the lightning.  As he stopped there was some kind of creation being  done about half way up the lightning trail. creation takes time but lightning is here and gone in seconds. They are able to transform energy into more collection of dense matter and come here then within seconds transform back in light. highly intelligent and gifted.

love and gratitude


side bar-  on the upper right coast of Canada  there is not ground weather that is waiting( bad weather meaning not good for typical physical being) and then from  washington state area there is movement of weather that is going to move in a se direction heading to Texas. there is good and cold weather moving.


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