Watch “Russian Meteorite Explosion!” spirit symbols/ vision

To the unaware this ball of light is a meteorite that just by chance came and exploded on earth in Russia. Our thoughts are vibrations and our actions are vibrations and our words are vibrations that embed vibrations of what the person or thing is doing or saying  or feeling. If  can see auras it can help them see visions. The observation of the vision is (  at video feed marker seven) there is a person sitting in a  white chair guiding the meteorite to a place to earth. The center of the white  energy ball is a woman that is larger by ten times looking  down  within  the white ball and there are multiple people doing various activities. on the edge of the white ball are insects that are tiny crawling up to the white energy woman.   meaning  of the woman guiding the meteorite is it was no coincidence that the meteorite hit the earth.  and the meaning of the multiple of people is there were a lot of other entities  and workers to accomplish this task of sending it and making the meteorite.

video feed forty one – the focus is the white ball  and the ball is getting hot and is happy and is creating energy at this very moment.  the energy knows its going to hit the earth and its doing what it is support to do in it journey to earth.  at video feed 1:14 as the lights in the back ground are flickering  there is a fade picture of ants and really big ones. meaning  Ants are tireless workers and hunters and teach the art of perseverance and patience in all that they do.  the vibration was the meteorite  when it earth did its job to completion.

love and gratitude



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2 Responses to Watch “Russian Meteorite Explosion!” spirit symbols/ vision

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  2. michi says:

    This is an interesting view. I think you are seeing the reaction of the universe to our ‘averaged’ spiritual emotional vibrational output.

    You are a fascinating individual. Your life never has a boring moment!

    How delightful for your family!

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