Watch “Road Rage Fight In LA (GRAPHIC Video)” on YouTube


Can one heal everything around them that  they do not like?   Take this extreme case of road rage caught on camera how can one heal this scene of negative energy . When people are sitting in there cars day after day moving slowly in a traffic and having a feeling of being in a parking lot while driving this moment in time give one negative energy( because a person is thinking and feeling and voicing negative) and doing this again and again everyday and every month and years go by and if one keeps adding to this experience within their self a bomb is set to explode and when there are two bombs set we see what happens.


Can one heal everything around them that they do not like?  yes, but how?         we are the masters of our body and masters of our speech and masters of our feeling so we are in control everyday with every experience we have in life. When we have an urge to strike out with our body because you feel it is right and justice is on your side take a moment and remove yourself and breath and relax and be an observer. when one does this simple act we bring positive energy to ourself which will balance ourself. this is only one way to bring a healing to oneself;  I am sure everyone can have ideas of helping oneself through a negative situation.


spirit symbols on the reporter forehead she has a face that has a mouth that is opened  and has with being sucked in  which means she is talking about the scene of violent and at the same time is wanting positive energy.  On the television is getting some positive energy.

Love thy neighbor has thyself which is from the scriptures.


Lets start there together!


love and gratitude




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One Response to Watch “Road Rage Fight In LA (GRAPHIC Video)” on YouTube

  1. michi says:

    I like the concept of ho oponopono… or, we are responsible for everything.
    The Earth is reacting to the issues we people put on her.
    She needs healing. She wants healing. We effect her and we effect the sun.
    Love all around will heal.
    Treat each other the way we want to be treated. Then heal our hearts… then we can love ourselves then we can begin.

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