what happen to you when you die

 There was a Dallas Morning News new paper lying down on one

English: Circular seat in Ropley Churchyard It...

English: Circular seat in Ropley Churchyard It is a memorial to the diplomat Sir Frederick Mills http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/obituaries/article3221062.ece who died in January 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of the tables as i was at work yesterday and the section that was folded out and visible was the obituaries.  This gave me an idea of looking and seeing what was going on with these people who recently died.

There is a little boy who died and he was not quite one year old.  The observation of seeing in the light world was he was in the arms of a woman who was about  twenty-five  to thirty five years and she was walking away with a man about ten feet away taking care of him.

A woman that at age ninety two years and she was in a riding vehicle that look like a  coffee drinking cup that was cut out half way and in the middle of the cup was a chair and she was sitting in it flying around and glee. it made me laugh

a man about fivty  years old died and he had some kind of deformity while in this life.  he was walking and only his feet were working and the rest of his body was under construction on being normal.

A man about sixty year old died and he was looking down like in a slump looking at the ground before him and was just starring. he was not aware of what was going on yet with him.

a woman died and was about fifty years old and she was in a dark depressed place.

churches that teach that a person stays in the ground after dyeing are confused

Love and gratitude



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