Pope Benedict is bowing for the last time

Everyone has two feet and two legs and so it is with pope Benedict.   The image the world and believers have is a spiritual man of God.

Regardless of who everyone is we all pit our pants on the same way and there may even be holes in the pants.  When he prays  behind close doors he has two people who help him to pray  and stay focused while mediating.  It happens to all of us one day.


As a psychic and shaman the pope is a good man and has tried to lead his people to a higher vibration by using the bible as his tool of choice.

Pope Benedict is retiring during a time of scandals inside the Vatican and outside and the government that surround  Italy are failing the people because of gross over site of handling the people’s money.

The next pope will be a swimmer and someone who is active giving mass and will have two lights within one in his stomach and the other  beneath.  When he is by himself he will pase back and forth.

The next pope will have to deal with changing negative energy into positive


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