Watch “Celtic Woman / Chloe Agnew – ”O Holy Night”” on YouTube/ Spirtit symbols


Everything has a vibration of the things we do and say and think.   The vibration embeds it self on the  obect that is doing  the action.  What vibrations do singers have that are famous?


At video feed number  #23  the womans chest area  has a  spirit symbols of a big hand that is holding her tightly and the hand is mildly dark.

meaning someone that is powerful has a tight  hold on her and she does not like it.

video feed number 41 there is a woman that is singing beautifully and the vibration on her hair is a face with two black  eyes and a long nose.

meaning she is someone that want to be noticed at what she does but is becoming weary of being notice .

video feed marker 48  the same woman throat is visible to see and the vibration on her throat is an old man who is bald on top with hair on the side.

Meaning- she has been singing for a long time and is starting to should signs of   her voice not able to do the same thing when she was younger.

Illustration of vibrations of a drum.

Illustration of vibrations of a drum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There are a lot more i could tell you about these woman but its to private so enjoy the video



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