Watch “Pope Francis Speech – Conclave 2013” on YouTube

What would it feel like to be a new elected pope in the year 2013?

The vibrations of the pope stomach is a face that is stiff like a board with big eyes to see with when he uses them.

meaning pope Francis feeling are stiff and do not change widely.  he knows his feeling well. He is a very stable emotionally.

Pope Francis heart area spirit symbols is a real white face that covers almost his whole chest with big eyes. The face is neither happy or sad.

meaning he has a will to do good  and is influenced by good and he keeps his emotions under control and is not happy or sad.

The pope forehead has two spirit symbols and one is a man sitting in a big chair with clothes that are big.  And the other vibration symbol is a man who is white and is low to the ground looking out by the third eye and nose.

meaning  we have to remember that regardless of who we are when a person get a position of power and authority over another a person tends to have a big ego.  He knows he has a big and powerful position and he will be filling in his clothes soon enough.  And this is what is going on with the pope Francis but  he is aware of it and working on it.

On the top of his head and hair are two images(vibrations).  His image of him self is spilt one is a white person with no hair and the other is a latin looking person with black hair that is like an afro.

Meaning-  he see himself  fitting in both worlds.

Francis of Assisi Church, Empire Bridge

Francis of Assisi Church, Empire Bridge (Photo credit: Herr P.)


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