Watch “CNN: Dolphins see themselves in mirror” on YouTube


This video is about Dolphins but my interest changed after seeing what was in the water.  If one looks at a bird in a cage like an animal that is all they will get from the experience.  Birds have emotions and are fun and funny  intelligent to those that have gone the extra step to see what kind of intelligent a bird is in the life.   A dolphin  kind be just like a bird experience where people see a dolphin for just a sea creäture but to those that have been able to see and understand a dolphin is much more and very intelligent to its self and other species that are not of it kind.

And yet to those who see water many will not see and know that it’s for drinking and swimming,showers etc.    But some also know that water is intelligent with other forms of life and vibrations.

video maker 40 – behind the dolphin in the water and two feet behind and about  three or fourth feet down there is an intelligent being that is about four feet tall that is looking at the woman talking with his eyes and the rest of his body is stationary like in a pause.  The being looks likes humanoid with a  face like a dog.   The arms are about one foot longer than a  typical body.  some how the water is thicker or the substance is thicker where the being is moving in the water.  There are many different ones in the video but one is enough to talk about with the time i have to write.

An adult female bottlenose dolphin with her yo...

An adult female bottlenose dolphin with her young, Moray Firth, Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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