Screenshot of Toph demonstrating her ability t...

Screenshot of Toph demonstrating her ability to feel vibrations traveling through the ground . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would it be funny having a person holding  different signs in their hands or in front of themselves and in  back of themselves telling you who they are as a spirit person?      For example I was just looking at a woman about 20 years and while do so the vibration on her chest became clear  which was an image of herself naked from the head to her billy button then white clothing from her billy button to about her knees.  Meaning is she know she has a good body but is a virgin.  Would a person go around holding up signs so the world could see and know this about themselves.  The answer is no be some one like myself can  and most the time i keep this knowledge to myself unless i can find a healthy way to tell the person  about themselves so they can connect better to who they are as a spirit person.   Why would god allow  people on earth to have abilities like i have to help those in a discrete way?   I am sure this question will sound weird to those who are not aware that it possible to see vibrations on people or anything we see with our physical eyes.  Somethings what i see are so private that I refuse to discuss it because we live in a world that  has good people behaving badly and when going down the path of evil to neutral that kind of person should never have access to use high spirit knowledge for bad.  This is why many times i cannot tell exactly how i do things .

We all have the ability to see vibrations and just being aware of it.

I do most of my spirit work without anyone knowing That I heal them  or  that I have help them with a problem.

Illustration of vibrations of a drum.

Illustration of vibrations of a drum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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