Eye death

Eye death (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

The eye is used for receiving light and transmitting it to the brain in a way that allows it to produce a meaningful image. The adjustable lens of your cornea allows you to view objects with clarity at varying distances.    Having two eyes allows your brain to construct a 3D image, so you can detect depth as well.

The definition above is interesting because since we are spirit being looking with our spirit eyes while using our physical eyes we can see that light is needed  to send message to our  physical mind to look and understand the physical world. The more we do this the better we get at understanding  and we start to communicate our ideas of we we see to others.  While the physical brain is being used the spirit ability to connect to this world is difficult if not in possible . This is why people pray by themselves and silence or mediate in silence or with music that is peaceful.

when praying its very important to be thankful and  if there is a need ask for something  but always listen for an answer. If on does not wait for answer it will be hard to understand when an answer comes.  when we are using our physical brain it creates a moment of separtion from our spirit self.  For beginners 10 to 30 minutes on listening is good.   I have heard that some people when mediating do not ask but  say i am open to the understanding of ——  your choice.

When I look for the spirit vibrations on people hair that is on their head I always see two eyes with differnt things on around them.

Fear terror eye

Fear terror eye (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


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