An overall view of an LG EnV mobile/cell phone.

An overall view of an LG EnV mobile/cell phone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a restful spot that which give me the opportunity to watch a person  looking at their cell phone and the angle I was at gave me the top of the person’s head..  On top was a vibration of a monkeys face and looking at this moment  i was thinking of two things.  My first thought was it was amusing to think that a person had a monkey vibration  and I laughed for a moment.  But then I remembered watching a show on netflicks about  when a master monk dies the monks go to a monk and he looks at lines in different directions and mediates and receives a vision of who will fill the  die masters position.  Symbols and the vibration can be different from person to person but they come up with the same meaning.  In the monk world when a monk receives a vision it is verified by someone else.  For me the symbols I see are something i can relate to so i can get the exact meaning.

I was looking at the students that were going to chef school and on the wall behind them  and in the wall was a spirit man dressed in white watching them but after the spirit man saw that i was able to see him he walked away.    the reason spirits do this is if i am just looking with curious intentions some how this take from them so they leave.  If i have a specfic intention then they will stay and maybe even help.

A spirit cat showed up and wanted me to looked at something but i  do not thing is is wise to tell all because on people with not good intentions  i feel sad that i have to hold back but it wisdom.

Portrait of a monk-MGR Lyon-IMG 9873-black

Portrait of a monk-MGR Lyon-IMG 9873-black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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