Watch “Earthfiles: Navy Yeoman Sees Extraterrestrial Photos” on YouTube

Thomas Coman Sheppard is being interviewed by Linda  Moulton Howe about seeing pictures on creatures that are not from this earth planet.  I took a moment to look at his vibrations while he was talking with Linda who is a person who goes on television shows a lot even today.

On his head there is face that  has skin on the face it but has  sort of like a skeleton features.

meaning- skeleton is a symbol of mortality and secrets and he believes he has secrets while he alive.

On Thomas forehand there is a smiling face.

Meaning- he is happy about what he is doing at this moment.

Thomas throat has a vibration of some kind of entity that has it mouth open wide  and is smiling.

Meaning    Thomas is happy about talking about his experience with a vibrational tone of some kind of entity.


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