image  This is a rare picture of what an orb looks like inside sometimes based on my own personal experience.   The clarity is different with each orb that i become aware of while observing the sphere.  most of the orbs have a perfect circle the is round.   My wife found this picture and send it to me.

As you can see orbs have people inside and sometimes you can see what is going on around inside the orb in the back ground.

we live in a three dimension world but spirit being are not confined to our world and this is why most people do not see orbs or spirits.

Spirit beings live in an existence of where there is no time and they can see the present and pass and future with difference possibilities and out comes based on choices.

NASA's Chandra Finds Massive Black Holes Commo...

NASA’s Chandra Finds Massive Black Holes Common in Early Universe: A composite image combines the deepest X-ray image ever taken with optical and infrared data from Hubble. (Photo credit: Smithsonian Institution)

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