Watch “Man Dies And Meets Jesus Christ In Heaven ! ( Near Death Experience )” on YouTube

I have read and listen to near death experiences for about 30  years I consider it more than a hobby.   Who ever has experience the event of nde they always base it on the teaching of what they know from scripture or a belief they heard about while on this planet.  This make me sort of sad because we are creators and we are always creating  what we want to see and do in this life and in the spirit world.  If a person thinks there is nothing on the other side that is what you will find when you go over there when you die but other people  will eventually  enlighten you to know that there is more out there and you wake up and remember who you are as a spirit person.

Dementia is a brain disorder that affects the brain as people grow older and they seem incoherent to who they as an individual and  there children   and surrounding.  I have seen a pattern of people who have this disease  and when they die  they still think they have the disease on the other side which makes their experience difficult at first.   An example is this if a person has dementia and they are depressed all the time for a long time it give them a low vibration and so when they die there are with low vibrations  entities  which is dark or darkness that surround them.  Having a belief   in the earth life that darkness is part of devil realm causes more angst for a time until the person understands that they are free from the mental disorder and they can help themselves  to a higher vibration level.  Since there is no time each person does this at difference speed .  It important not to forget our grand fathers and mothers and sons or friends who have die because if they have a disorder that affliction them  here on earth  it will be a learn moment for them to realize they don’t have it any more so pray for them often.

English: This is the religious symbol of Ayyav...

English: This is the religious symbol of Ayyavazhi, an Indian Dharmic belief system. Français : Symbole religieux de l’Ayyavazhi, dans la croyance Dharma. Русский: Религиозный символ Айявари, айяважи или айявали – религиозного дхармического течения: свеча на лепестках лотоса. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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