Watch “Psychic Kids Season 2 Part 1” on YouTube

Spirit vibration are on us and they tell a story of what we do and say and feel . The  two person in the movie series PSYCHIC KIDS  show what they have to go through in life  and what they can do with their awareness.

The spirit vibrations on the young  woman at video feed marker at  1:30 – there is a woman with an ego from looking at white energy that is lying on the ground condense in an oval shape and she is touching it and examining it. there is a white energy that is connecting  to the oval shape but the energy that is connecting  is coming from her side of her body and is connecting with the white oval shape on the ground.

meaning- she is aware of the spirit world and is trying to discover what the white energy is on the ground and she is being helped by her spirit self.

video feed marker 2:28   on her forehead is a very bright vibration that covers most of her forehead.

meaning- she is connected to her spirit self and is aware of unseen world.  A person could go to church and read scripture and will never get to her spirit level because at church they teach about the spirits and talk about having the spirit and can have spirit feelings and dreams and visions during  moment s of life. When  going to church our training there starts  connecting to one spirit self but it is stopped .     The big secret is we can all do this and all of us have the ability .

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