image My niece sent  me this picture  of this fire pit today and I took a look at the spirit vibrations.  The main spirit vibration caught in this pic is an animal that looks like something  between a steer and cow.  Starting down by the wood   there is a coat like fur that is fire but it looks like a coat that is around the long neck and the fire that is over lapping the circle is a armish looking figure.  It has a head of steer or elk or deer with horns like a steer and mouth that is wide open.  The realization of seeing this is that it is real as long as the fire exist then it goes back to ?

meaning- The  spirit vibration of an Elk is one of strength, nobility, pride, survival, and stamina and community which means this fire is looking to survive by consuming  everything it can completely and it stays with it own kind to the end  not matter what is the fate. It is intelligence that exist .    It comes into this world of existence only by invitation  then leaves because it does not belong  in this dimension.

Illustration of vibrations of a drum.

Illustration of vibrations of a drum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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